Your Assets Are Your Greatest … Asset

Build your business by tuning into the right channels.

So now your website is polished and you have great content, but you aren’t getting the attention and business your online presence deserves. Building and optimizing your online assets was only the first step. To generate the visitors and customers your business needs, you have to get your brand in the right places, at the right times, and through the channels that makes the most sense for the audience. With hundreds of successful campaigns under our belts, we are pros at channel management and putting your online assets to work for you. Whether we are targeting influencers, promoting to niche social networks or outreaching to media professionals, we are the experts in executing strategies that deliver consistent results.

 Brand Advocacy

It’s no longer sufficient to just publish great content. You need credibility to edge out the competition. With an ever-increasing number of brands becoming active online publishers, your business needs more than great ideas and creative design to win over consumers. To stand out from the crowd, you need the powerful content validation, credibility and promotion that comes from the association of expert authors and industry influencers with your brand.New Heights recruits expert authors and industry influencers who are actively publishing relevant articles and blog posts within your industry, to generate content for your brand and to secure placements on high-quality, high-authority industry websites. This content is relevant, accessible and valuable to your target audience.Armed with a custom team of talented influencers, copywriters, creatives and social contributors, our Brand Advocacy program blends together a variety of powerful online benefits, supercharging your online marketing efforts and delivering meaningful results:

• Increase Brand Reach

With established reputations and robust portfolios, Brand Advocates are able to open doors to content publishing opportunities typically closed to brands and general authors. Whether we are working through your Brand Advocate’s established network of existing relationships, or creating a new publisher partnership, this mutually beneficial process ensures that we are getting your content in frontof a greater percentage of your target audience.

• Powerful, Natural Links

Brand Advocates are serious about their work. Maintaining journalistic integrity and ensuring that all sources support the content, Brand Advocates cite your existing digital assets in their work, creating powerful backlinks that provide value for the reader and add richness to the conversation.

• Establish Brand Authority

Through the association of author rank and authoritative placement of your Brand Advocate’s content, the search engines and your target audience will view your brand as a mover and shaker within your industry, rewarding your digital assets with additional authority and trust. Powerful links pointing to your marketable assets not only drives traffic to your site, but engenders trust in your target audience that your brand is not just a seller, but an industry resource as well. Building that relationship with your audience creates more leads.

• Drive New Traffic

In addition to the eyeballs that your content will receive from its placement on authoritative, audience-relevant content outlets, Brand Advocates promote new content placements to their active social followings and personal blogs. Since your Brand Advocates naturally engage with your target audience, this magnifies the value of your content and dramatically increases the opportunity for highly qualified, direct click-through traffic.

• Engage With Your Target Audience

Rather than merely promoting your products, Brand Advocates interact with your target audience. Their expertly crafted content fosters dialogue between your company and the consumer. Leads will have no need to search for information on making a purchasing decision — your Brand Advocate is the source of that information.

How Does It Work?

We recruit expert content creators, writers with large social circles who are actively publishing online articles and blog posts in your industry, to create top-notch content with your links, to secure placements on high-quality, high-authority industry sites and to share your content with their large online audiences.

1. We identify industry experts with a prolific online presence and recognized authorship in your company’s industry. We conduct outreach to these subject matter experts and develop partnerships with them to become advocates for your brand.

2. We review your site for marketable assets and, if needed, consult with your team to create them or we provide them for you with content written by the industry experts we partner with.

3. We broadcast the content to the Brand Advocate’s social network audience.

4. We identify the best sites for your brand’s content through an intensive research, filtering, and evaluation process that involves a combination of New Height’s proprietary prospecting tools and our highly trained and experienced editorial staff.

5. We secure placement for your brand’s content on the best sites. High quality content, custom outreach and the Brand Advocate’s authorship are essential for securing high-level placements.

6. We funnel traffic into your marketable assets via the links in the published content. These visitors land on your site’s rich, informative content, which builds upon the authority of your brand.

7. We promote the published content through social media via the Brand Advocate’s extensive audience and contacts and their audiences and contacts and so forth.

8. We develop ongoing advocacy by securing higher volume and level placements with the

ultimate goal of transforming your brand from seller to thought-leader.