Marketing Stratagies

Content Marketing Services

Brands and marketers are falling behind as today’s consumers are shutting the door to many traditional marketing and advertising techniques. Assuming their potential buyers need a healthy dose of force-fed marketing copy and canned promotions, they fail to connect with audiences that would simply rather learn about your business and offerings for themselves. For these customers, it’s a real-time world of information consumption: they get the content they want, whenever they want, on whatever screens are convenient for them. New Heights understands businesses need an updated content marketing playbook. They need integrated content marketing campaigns that create, distribute and promote content that connects, resonates and motivates consumers to take action.

Quality & Quantity: Finding the Right Balance

Frantic to produce enough high-quality content to satisfy the needs of their consumers and the search engines, many brands and other content creators often neglect truly integrating their marketing approach. Rather, they focus on sheer volume over quality. Having enough high-quality content is vital to a successful content marketing campaign, but failing to put the right research and planning behind your content marketing strategy will result in mixed, inconsistent results.As a seasoned content marketing agency, New Heights understands that before putting pen to paper or fingers to keys, smart content creation starts with gathering comprehensive intelligence of your brand and your customers. Using a variety of market research, SEO tools and audits, our strategists identify all of the major segments of your target audience, creating a buyer persona that is used to make educated decisions as we plan your campaign strategy and manage your marketing resources.

Build Your Brand

If your website is the face of your brand, your online content is your brand’s voice. Helping you craft your brand’s personality through consumer engagement, our integrated strategies and smart content work to enhance your brand’s credibility through useful and targeted content creation, distribution and promotion. Getting your voice into more online conversations builds awareness and establishes consumer trust as you provide your target audience with thought leadership, answers and valuable information through the purchasing cycle.

Engage Your Audience

Smart content marketing prompts action. Customers are looking for a true two-way online discussion. They are drawn to brands that ask them to think, feel and contribute to the discussion. Whether it’s a direct business action or persuading the consumer to like, share or link to your content, our strategies center on web content that engages your target audience. This hyper-focus on your audience results in greater brand loyalty while generating powerful social signals and authoritative backlinks that increase rankings and drive qualified traffic for your online assets.