Social Media

Having a social media marketing agency that understands how to properly compliment Internet marketing is essential.

Often times social media agencies will use both search marketing and social media marketing to strengthen a company’s search rankings as well as create buzz on behalf of the company. Social media (once considered trendy) has found its rightful home in Internet marketing as a low-cost, high-impact form of marketing.

Our social media marketing consultants offer unparalleled expertise in community building, social engagement and widget development, as well as blog marketing. Our social media agency’s time-tested approach to viral / social marketing helps us create and implement exciting campaigns that encourage a positive two-way dialogue between the business and consumer, turning loyal customers into brand evangelists.

New Heights Marketing focuses on building a long-term, highly targeted group of loyal followers that help virally advocate a company’s brand (peer to peer) via the social landscape. Results are monitored and incorporated into the client’s larger digital marketing strategy.

A Respected Social Media Company

For over half of a decade, our social media company has been busy creating campaign strategies and consulting on global social media engagements. We also speak across the nation at social media conferences as well as at private corporate events. New Heights offers social media training to businesses of all sizes and various industries to help them expand their in-house social media marketing initiatives. Most social media companies focus on the number of followers or friends you receive.

Want to see where your company stands in the social landscape? Request a free consultation and an expert from our social media agency will contact you to schedule a free analysis.